I deemed the opportunity to photograph the USLA Championships as an honor, privilege, and a blessing. It was an honor to document these men and women, in exceptional condition, performing various fetes that the average person wouldn’t attempt, let alone complete. The ages ranged from twelve to in the eighties, all displaying their ultimate athletic prowess. It was a privilege to capture these extraordinary individuals, who have dedicated themselves to develop the skills necessary to be excellent ocean rescuers. Many don’t realize, and appreciate, the conditioning, concentration, reflex, and reaction abilities one must possess to be a lifeguard. They are not unlike a police officer when a crime is committed, or a fireman when they are summoned, when there is need for ocean rescue, they are reacting within seconds, sacrificing their own life to save another. It was a blessing to document the comradeship, expressions of elation, victory, defeat, and exhaustion, which represent the result of preparation, discipline, and sacrifice made by these outstanding athletes.

Here is a Heartfelt Thank You, to those aspiring to be, are or, have been an Ocean Rescuer, much love and appreciation.

Jeff Byron

Junior Life Guuards